ICNA Relief and APNA, free mobile medical camp in Richardson, Texas.


ICNA Relief and Pakistani-American doctor’s organization, APNA, set up a free mobile medical camp at Muslim American Community Center in Richardson, Texas.

Dozens of people in the camp underwent blood screening, blood pressure, sugar levels, lipid panel testing and blood donations.

Physicians provide useful medical advice to visitors at medical camp. In addition, many patients who did not have health insurance, information were provided on diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension control and prevention, and free medical care. Patients sent from local clinic for inspection.

On the medical camp, all volunteers of ICNA Relief took all precautionary measures against COVID-19 and also provide awareness among the participants.

Marwan Maroof, Director of Muslim American Community Center, Dr. Syed Uqeel, Pharmacist Huda, Ahsan Tahir, along with about a dozen volunteers from ICNA Relief, also offered their services at the free medical camp.

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