Hopes fade for the miners trapped underground at Pakistan colliery

At least 10 miners are trapped more than a kilometer  underground after a fire started by an electrical short circuit in a coal mine in southwestern Pakistan

Rescue efforts were hampered by the fire spreading poisonous carbon monoxide gas inside the mine, some 35 kilometres east of Quetta, the capital of oil and mineral rich Balochistan province.

A top official for the industry in the province Abdullah Shahwani said One miner has been rescued but 10 remain trapped inside, he said. “Hopes of their survival are very slim as rescue workers have reached only 1,200 feet  inside the mine,” roughly 20 hours after the accident occurred.

The coal mine is run by the state-owned Pakistab Mineral Development Corporation. Most coal mines in the impoverished province are notorious for poor safety standards and Facilities, and similar deadly events have occurred in the past.

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