Holiday Spirit Crumbles As Phanfone Wreaks Havoc In Central Philippines

A typhoon Wednesday swept across the central Philippines damaging remote villages and areas popular for tourism claims to have left 16 dead behind it on Christmas Day.


Typhoon Phanfone, carrying winds of 195 kilometres an hour, obliterated houses and electric posts along its way causing collateral damage to the tourists site bringing it under the rubble. With the internet and mobile phone networks still cut off in some badly damaged areas, a full assessment of Phanfone’s damage was not immediately possible on Thursday morning.


According to officials, based on the initial assessment, at least 16 people had been confirmed dead as a result of destruction caused in villages and towns in the Visayas, the central third of the Philippines.


Phanfone also hit Boracay, Coron and other holiday destinations that are famed for their white-sand beaches and popular with foreign tourists.


Typhoon caused a havoc in the celebrations of Christmas bringing a wet, miserable, and terrifying holiday to millions in the mainly Catholic nation. Tens of thousands of people in the mostly Catholic nation had been forced to evacuate their homes on Wednesday, ruining Christmas celebrations. Many others were not able to return to their families with means of transportation suspended.


Philippines often find itself on the threat of a deadly with the nation receiving such at least 20 times a year.

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