Get Your Taxes Filed By Experts, Free Of Cost

Want An Expert To File Your Taxes In US? APNA Has Sorted That Out For You !!

APNA Brooklyn Community Centre has established a team of experts to provide cost free assistance to the public in filing their taxes, service to commence from the 25th Of January.


Tax payers in the United States of America can visit the APNA Brooklyn Community Centre every Saturday from the 25th of January, to have their taxes paid under the supervision of the masters of the game.


APNA Brooklyn Community Centre, who has been active in its welfare activities and general aid to help the ones in need, will be introducing its free services for the tax paying masses of America this year.

To cash in with the service, the interested people would require an online registration of their names and visit on a Saturday after the 25th of January to pay their taxes while being guided by experts.

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