Germany to Host Inter-Afghan Dialogues

Major Conflicts Encountering American-Taliban Talk

After the inter afghan dialogue, held at Beijing, fell into a deadlock, Germany is striving to host the dialogue.

In this context, it has been learned that the german government will be sending high officials to Afghanistan to gain confidence of the afghan government.

The exact date for the inter-afghan dialogue will be announced shortly in which the participation of Taliban representatives along with afghan government officials is expected.

After nine rounds of the discourse between taliban and american officials, President Donald Trump discontinued the dialogue owing to the bomb attack which cost the lives of an american marine along with 10 civilians.

following the discontinuation of negotiations with taliban, Donald Trump announced the recommencement of these talks during his confidential tour of aghanistan last week.

According to Trump, Taliban were not willing for a truce but now they are prepared to raise the white flag and this would prove to be a leap towards upholding peace and a successful dialogue between the two parties.

It has also been speculated that president Trump has instructed and urged his special representative of US for Afghanistan, Zulmai Khalil Zad to speed up the progress at this front for the afghan peace and negotiation commission.

5 fundamental conflicts and opposing elements stand in the way of successful negotiations between American administration and the taliban. The presence of these differences and conflicts markedly reduce the chances for negotiations to succeed.

Regarding the of American-Taliban talks, topping the list of affectcing factors are conflicts between the Taliban political and military wings themselves.

The military wing of Taliban that plays a chief role as opposed to the political group does not have faith in negotiations rather they are in favor of continued armed conflict. Military Taliban consider themselves to be the victors in the afghan war and firmly hold the belief that they are close to expelling the weakened American forces along with others foreign troops out of Afghanistan for good.

However, the Taliban political figures in Qatar have contrasting political ideologies from the military afghans. They are more inclined towards solving the afghan conflicts through appropriate talks and negotiations.

In the course of the past year, these political Taliban officials have toured a myriad of countries and cities like Saudi Arabia, Moscow, UAE, Tehran, Beijing and Pakitsan and they’ve come to the understanding that apart from the presence of international community, they are also not eligible to govern alone.

They’ve had a change of perspective after having several meetings with german and European union representatives and they hope to lead side by side with the rest of the world.

The second problem thats been encountered in the American-Taliban talks are the Taliban affiliations with other militant groups and organizations.

The United states demands that the Taliban cut ties with these militant groups which are the Al Qaeda, Lashkar e Tayba, Lashkar e Jhangwi, Lashakr e Islam, and Lashkar e Ansaar, to name a few. This demand was made by the American and afghan officials in hopes to assess and understand the response of Taliban and whether they’re open to a truce.

The third hurdle in the course of negotiations is on the issue of the truce. American and Afghan officials demand a proclamation of total ceasefire from the Taliban first.

This demand was made by the American and afghan officials in hopes to assess and understand the response of Taliban and whether they’re open to a truce.

However, Taliban insist that there will be a ceasefire only after the appropriate resolution has been passed during the dialogue. They’ve also posed the condition that the truce will only be extended to the United States officials and their conflicts with the Afghan officials stills stand.

The fourth roadblock in the way towards a solution is the condition proposed by Taliban to hold negotiations face to face with the afghan officials owing to being a strategic partner of the united states.

The fifth conflicting element that has halted the progress of the talks is the presence of American troops.

The united states insists that it is vital for the security of their embassies and to crush any militant forces taking root in the region. The United states does not have confidence in the Taliban’s ability and claims that they’ll be able to control such organizations and they are not prepared to take that risk.

Till 2013, there were more than 100,000 american marines stationed in afghanistan the number of which has been gradually decreased to 12,000. During his tour of afghanistan, it was decided that the number of troops stationed there is to be furthur reduced to 8,000. In regards to this change, he has also taken his counterpart, Dr. Ashraf Ghani into confidence.

By VOSA correspondent Baseer Houtak, Afghanistan

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