German authorities allowed to Reopened mosques and other religions place of worships after 2 months lock down

German authorities allowed to Reopened mosques after 2 months lock down, 50 persons can perform Namaz with precautionary measures. Worshipers are bound to submit their credentials in mosque administration.

In the first week of March coronavirus outbreak effect business events, including religious gatherings, were canceled

Now On Friday, the German Chancellor announced the lifting of the ban on from religious gatherings, including business life, with strictly follows the precautionary measure.

According to the granted permission from German authorities more than 50 people can gather with precautionary measures, after which the committees of various mosques have decided to offer Fajr, Zuhr and Asr prayers in the mosques in spite of government measures and orders. mosques across Germany were allowed to open for Friday prayers

According to Voice of South Asia (VOSA) correspondent Ahmed Mateeullah, More than 400 mosques and imambargahs in Germany under the auspices of Muslim Aid and Muslim Initiative for Mosques and Religious Harmony. In which Pakistani Turkish, Moroccan, Afghan, Iranian, Chechen, African communities are engaged in worship.

There are more than three dozen temples, thousands of churches, including gurdwaras, and places of worship of other religions also opened.

After decision of reopening place of worships, restaurants are also being opened, sparking a wave of joy among people of other faiths, including Muslims. However, a certain number of participants were allowed in the mosques and two congregations were held on Friday

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