Freshly Elected Members of PACOLI Take Oath

Bashir Qamar, Founder of PACOLI (Pakistan American Community of Long Island), inaugurated an oath taking ceremony for the newly elected members of the organization.


The ceremony saw the members of the organization along with a large number of people from the Pakistani community as attendees on this occasion.

Asim Malik got elected as the new President of PACOLI. Azra Dar as Senior Vice President, Ateeq Qadri as Vice President, Salman Zafar as Vice President, Humayun Shabbir General Secretary, Ayaz Siddiqi Joint Secretary, Salman Sheikh Comptroller and Abdul Rehman got elected as the new Political Chairman of the organization.


Director Asian American Affairs Farrah Mozahwalla took oath from the members for their respective positions.


Farrah Mozawalla, in her words to Voice of South Asia, emphasized upon the programs planned to bring about the Asians under one roof, that consist of about 11% of the total population of NASA county.


Founder PACOLI Bashir Qamar, extolled the newly elected members expressing his desire to collectively work for the Pakistani American community to flourish in the country.


Humayun Shabbir, newly elected General Secretary of the organization, spoke to Voice of South Asia on this occasion. He stated that he along with the rest of the members are driven to strive for the betterment of the Pakistani community.


Pakistani American Community of Long Island also saw the appointment of 10 new executive directors for the organization. Jamal Mohsin, Saeed Hasan, Tahira Deen, Madiha Mustafa, Sobia Khan , Tahira Shareef , Sajjad Yusuf , Usman Abbas , Zeb Peerzada and Aijaz Al Hasan are among the elected names.

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