French artist brings African wildlife to Pakistan

A series of photographs providing an insight into the life and landscapes, flora and fauna, communities and culture of Malawi, a landlocked country in south-eastern Africa, were on display at an exhibition in Karachi.

It’s the second exhibition by Laurence Savary, a French artist based in South Africa, in Karachi at the same gallery.

40 images on display were titled, leaving the visitor at freedom to have his or her own perception and understanding of the photograph.

There were photographs in which different animals co-existed in the same environment. In one such image, a deer seemed to have a secret talk with a pair of zebras.

Savary explained her visits to Pakistan, that her first trip to the country was in 1989 when she came to Karachi and also visited other cities for an academic assignment.

Savary travelled to Malawi thrice between 2017 and 2018, spending time in nature and with families.

Her photographs also provide a peak into the life of local communities of the region, positioning her as a traveller relaying stories across cultures and countries in order to foster greater empathy and trust.

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