Former Pakistani Leader Musharraf Sentenced To Death For Treason

Pakistan special court on Tuesday sentenced the former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf to death for treason. The former military ruler has been under the court sight over his decision to suspend the constitution before imposing martial law in 2007.


The decision led to an outburst of protests, particularly by democratic entities slapping the decision an attempt to derail democratic progress of the nation. His attempt to dismiss the chief justice in March 2007 fueled the nationwide turmoil causing the country to fall in a state of emergency. The 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto and the impeachment proceedings on hold brought the former president in an isolation leading to his resignation.


Musharraf has been in self-imposed exile ever since spending most of his time between Dubai and London. The 76 year old however did return in 2013 to contest in elections, only to be restricted from taking part in the polls while being slapped with travel ban for a number of cases.


The special court of Pakistan in its verdict on Tuesday said to have found Musharraf guilty of high treason in accordance to the Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan. The case being concluded on the basis of majority verdict, with two of the three judges in against Musharraf. The court explained that the conclusion was laid after analyzing complaints, records, arguments and facts in the case for three months.

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