Foreign airlines are responsible for over booking cancellations, CAA

CAA imposed sudden ban on flight operations, airlines blamed.

Dallas, Texas,

Alternate flights search for Pakistan based passengers is become difficult.  Affected passengers are helpless and responsibility is being manipulated to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority by international Airliners. The affecters were informed by the airliners that flights had to be canceled due to a sudden ban by the Pakistan CAA.

The Pakistan CAA has categorically denied allegations and blamed foreign airlines for the situation. According to CAA spokesman, foreign airlines were responsible for cancellation of bookings for passengers travel to Pakistan. CAA have the right to take legal action against them.

The CAA spokesman added that foreign airlines make extra bookings, but the cancellation of overbookings is being linked to the cancellation of CAA flight permits.

Earlier, leading airline Qatar Airways has canceled a total of 14 flights from Doha to Pakistan, while Turkish Airlines is at the second position with 8 flights from Istanbul to Pakistan, Emirates Airlines cancelled 6 flights, Etihad Airways has canceled 5 flights while Gulf Airways has canceled 3 flights.

Thousands of US and Canadian passengers traveling to Pakistan are forced to stumble upon a confirmed flight. Most of these passengers had purchased confirmed tickets 3 to 6 months ago for the desired flight. Thousands of Pakistanis wants to celebrate Eid with their loved ones, but now this dire situation travelers are now at the mercy of these airlines.

Pakistan, C.A.A. has issued a new travel advisory on international flights which will remain in force till July 15. Under the advisory, international airlines arrives to Pakistan only with 40% of the passengers on board, maintaining social distance.

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