Escalating Tensions, US to launch ‘free passage’ in Iran’s waterway

New initiative will seek to ensure ‘free and open passage’ for ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz, US officials say.

The United State is concerned that a “miscalculation” by Iran could cause an “unintended conflict” in the Gulf, as it prepares to launch a new surveillance and intelligence initiative with its allies to ensure “free and open passage” for ships.

The US has had discussions with NATO allies, some “partners in the Gulf” and others to join the effort to keep the vital waterway open.Further, adding that the new operation would “come into being over the coming days and weeks”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have released footage showing a British oil tanker being seized in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday.

The Stena Impero tanker “was confiscated by the Revolutionary Guards at the request of Hormozgan Ports and Maritime Organisation when passing through the Strait of Hormuz, for failing to respect international maritime rules”.

Britain denounced this seizure as a “hostile act” and rejected Tehran’s explanation that it seized the vessel because it had been involved in an accident. The foreign secretary has urged Iran to reverse its “illegal” seizure of a British-flagged tanker in the Gulf.


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