Electrician daughters make their father proud


The man has become an epitome of breaking stereotype for people of Pakistan as he wants to empower his daughters in a male-dominated society, so they do not have to face any impuissance while moving forward in their lives amid hurdles imposed by the time and fellas.

Karachi’s Naseem Jamal has taught repairing of electronic appliances to his six out of eight daughters in a bid to end gender discrimination. He has only one son who is the youngest of his siblings.

Naseem Jamal says that parents should trust their daughters to empower women’s role in society and provide them skills along education. A skillful daughter can make their parents more proud than a son.

The man has been working as an electrician for more than 20 years in Qasba Colony and defeating the ignorant thoughts for last several years. He provides means and resources for his daughters to get Islamic and conventional education as well as working skills.

Earlier he had to face much criticism for bringing his daughters to his shop but later people started understanding him and appreciating the girls for their commitment and hard work.

Naseeb Jamal said that when he started taking his first two daughters with him to the shop at the age of 4 to 6, people started talking. The grandmother of the girls herself said that it was against the tradition and it was not good for the girls to sit in the shop. The intentions of the girl did not diminish and they developed a passion for repairing electrical appliances. Soon the girls became proficient in repairing electrical appliances.

Naseeb Jamal made two eldest daughters sit at home when they reached the age of 13 to 14 years, after they had mastered the work of electrician, the third and fourth daughters also followed in their sisters’ footsteps and learned the electrician’s work. And now the fifth and sixth daughters are going through these stages.

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