Ecuador Protests: Indigenous Groups Block Highways as Protests Continue

Indigenous groups in Ecuador have taken the lead in protests against the end of fuel subsidies, blocking roads and highways in the country.

About 50 police officers have been taken hostage in various locations.

President Lenin Moreno says he will not bring back subsidies and has declared a two-month national emergency.

The protests were originally led by transport unions who have since stopped their action. Other sectors are calling for a national strike on Wednesday.

Ecuadorians say abolishing fuel subsidies has also led to rising prices for consumer goods. About 20 people have been arrested for raising food prices, the government said.

They had been overcharging for products such as corn, onions, carrots and potatoes, which are subject to price controls, the authorities said.

Some of the road blockages have affected petrol deliveries, leading to fuel shortages in parts of the country.

They have affected routes including the main north-south highway in the country.

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