Drivers of NYC Black car struggling, Suing the company

Hundreds of black car drivers of New York city, who give rides to some of the city’s wealthiest people. say their company’s business practices have made them financially devastated.

After Elite bought First Corporate, drivers are facing decline of income from six figures to less than $20,000. Driver’s further claimed that the owners of Elite refused to assign them enough trips to make a decent living.

A drivers said. “My average was about $95,000 to $100,000 when I was working for FCS but I am making almost nothing now.”

Driver shahid among those railing against Limo company

He further claimed that the owners of Elite are also drivers, and they give themselves and their friends the highest-paying jobs, including the regular trips that FCS drivers had relied on.

According to drivers, they aren’t able to leave Elite because they paid FCS up to $41,000 for franchises. They paid the money over five to 10 years, but their rights under the franchise contracts were permanent.
Since the drivers moved over to Elite, they said, the company’s owners have refused to buy back the franchise rights, a promise Slarskey said FCS had guaranteed in writing.

Lawsuit will be filed against Elite Limousine and First Corporate Sedans, which sold the drivers’ franchise contracts to Elite, says drivers’ lawyer, David Slarskey.

However, Elite chief executive Shafquat Chaudhary and owner of First Corporate Amir Ben-Zion declined to comment on the issue.

Lawyer said there is more to the situation than it’s legal details.


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