Does donkey milk sell for 7,000 rupees per liter in India?

Gujrat, India

When someone is called a donkey, it means that they are considered a fool. In the same way we say of those who are always busy at work as “the one (the person) who works like a donkey”.

Donkeys are widely used for loading in Pakistan and India, but the use of donkeys has decreased dramatically in recent years since the advent of motorized motors.

But now there is information about donkeys that humans are interested in repopulating their population.The Local news publisher of India published a report in Septembe in which the National Equation Research Center (NRCE), a branch of India’s Agricultural Research Council in the state of Haryana, reported the plant’s launch.

Hillary donkeys are kept there and their milk is extracted, according to the newspaper. In addition, various media outlets claimed that the milk obtained from these donkeys can be sold for up to Rs 7,000 per liter.

Hillary donkey breed Gujjrat, India.

Reviews say a lot about the benefits of donkey milk. In this report, let us know the benefits of donkey milk and how it can cost up to Rs 7,000 per liter.

Benefit from donkey milk

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has found in its research that the milk of many animals is of poor quality, including milk from cows and horses.

Donkey and mare’s milk contains proteins that are also helpful for people with allergies to cow’s milk, according to the organization. According to the FAO, this milk is similar to breast milk, which is low in protein and fat but contains lactose.

He goes on to state that this milk breaks down quickly, but you can’t make cheese with this milk. The FAO also claims that it could be used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as it has properties that improve cells and strengthen the immune system.

Queen Cleopatra, ruler of ancient Egypt, is said to have bathed in donkey milk to preserve her beauty. Former NRCE director Dr. Mukti Basu says donkey milk has two main benefits. The first is that this milk is just as healthy as women’s, and the second is that it contains compounds that nourish the skin and improve its health, and keep it soft and supple.

Dr. Basu says there is still a lot of research to be done on donkey milk in India as people are not aware of its benefits, while people in Europe know a lot. Pasteurized milk is used there for newborns, and now the United States has approved its use as well.

Dr. Basu says that fewer donkey milk products are made in India, but when demand increases, trouble can arise as the number of donkeys in India is constantly decreasing.

How much milk does a donkey give?

The NRCE brings Hillary donkeys from Gujarat for milk.

This is the first time such donkey raising work has been done in India, says Professor  DN Ranke of the Department of Animal Husbandry at   Anand  Agricultural University in Gujarat.

( The donkey breed was recognized   India,) he says. Hillary donkeys found in  Jamnagar  and  Dwarka, Gujarat have now been identified. This donkey is slightly larger than normal donkeys and smaller than horses. The breed of donkey that roams the streets of India has not yet been identified, but we have now identified two breeds, which is a welcome development.

Professor Ranke  says that a donkey gives a maximum of half a liter of milk a day and that it is even less if the donkey is not looked after.

Is donkey milk worth seven thousand rupees?

 The donkey milk trade in Europe and America has been around for a long time, but it’s just getting started in India and this milk is expensive but not so expensive that it can be sold for up to Rs 7,000 per liter.

At the same time, Dr. Basu that  this is just the beginning and that few people in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Gujarat have started raising donkeys on the farm. Saleem  Abdul  Latif Dadan  has a website from Mumbai called Very Rare that sells camel, sheep, cow and donkey milk, as well as butter and powdered milk, online.

“The price of donkey milk is not fixed and we don’t get it from any farm,” he said. We get this milk from the people of our town. The purpose of those who buy it is to use it in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics. Saleem  says if you ship it anywhere far it can cost Rs 7,000 a liter as it deteriorates quickly. (When you are  Mumbai, you can get this milk for 5,000 rupees  liter ,)he said.

Introduction of donkey milk products

After completing her Masters at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Delhi,Pooja  Cole decided that she wanted to do something better for people who work with donkeys.

Poja Cole

They then gathered workers and farmers who had donkeys in the Kolhapur area of ​​Maharashtra state. They developed a model to sell donkey milk to the general public, but at first they failed. But she didn’t give up and together with some of his colleagues founded a startup called Organic that makes and sells skin care products from donkey milk.

“We started in Delhi in 2018,” explains Pooja. We have identified workers in and around Ghaziabad who raised donkeys. He made 300 rupees a day from them, but we convinced him to sell milk.

( At  first  the women  his household were against it,)she says. They thought we were doing magic and their donkey would die, but then they started milking.

Pooja says she buys milk for Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 a liter. He said that currently 7,000 rupees per liter of milk is not being sold anywhere because it is not from a farm.

Donkey milk soap and skin growth products are available from a variety of online stores such as  Amazon and Flipkart. Pooja herself says that 100 grams of her soap sells for 500 rupees.

 How many donkeys are there in India?

But while the price of donkey milk in India is over 1000 rupees per liter, the number of donkeys in the country has dropped to one lakh. According to the 2012 Census of Donkey Numbers in India, the number of donkeys in the country was over 300,000.

According to 2019 statistics, their number has decreased by 61% and there are only 120,000 donkeys left in the country.  When the demand for donkey milk increases, when the number of donkeys decreases, the price may also increase. However, currently research has shown that the price of donkey milk is 7,000 rupees.

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