Disheartening Eid Siege, Kashmiris Unable to Make the “Sacrifice”

Despite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge to allow Kashmiri’s to celebrate Eid, many residents of the Himalayan region said they faced restrictions that left them unable to make the traditional sacrifice.

On Eid, one of the most important Muslim festivals, towns and villages in Kashmir resembled ghost towns. Streets and even narrow alleyways remained deserted all day. Indian paramilitary forces had erected barricades across the city that turned away the few civilians trying to reach their friends and relatives.

On the eve of Eid al Adha, residents of the Anchar area of Srinagar used steel sheets, rocks, dumpsters, and whatever they could find to halt Indian paramilitary forces and the police from making their way in. Government troops had laid a siege since the evening that led to protests which continued throughout the night.

With phone and internet usage cut off during a week-long lockdown imposed by the Indian government, authorities are allowing locals to use a mobile phone to briefly speak to their loved ones outside the Muslim-majority state.

For the ninth consecutive day, the entire region remains under a severe military lockdown, after the Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapped Article 370 of the constitution, stripping the significant autonomy Kashmir had for nearly 70 years.

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