DFW Muslim Community in Dallas Distribute Free Food to Accolade with Front Line Warriors

Fight against corona virus intense in US and so is the praise for the front-line warriors.
Dallas city of Texas state notice that several Muslim organization find themselves busy in social work for relief, among them is the DFW Muslim community who began the distribution of food among first responders, Doctors, Para medics staff, Police and fire fighters.

DFW muslim community launched the campaign for relief work and to pay tribute to the front liners. This campaign Preside by Euless city council nominated personal Mubashir Waraich. On the first day of campaign the food boxes were distributed among the police officers.

On the occasion Mubashir Waraich said the role of First responders in this emergency situation has been imperative, they did not care for their lives and help Americans without and any discrimination. And today we are here for them to pay tribute. He says the entire community of DFW Muslim community pays tribute to the Front liners.

Popular representation of DFW Doctor Naveed clair shed his thoughts on the situation of COVID 19, the whole country and here Metroplex Dallas, the role of front liners is unforgettable. The arrangement of lunch for them is our grace to pay the tribute to them.

Lunch sent to workers of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. When DFW Muslim Community team arrived with food on the front of emergency the doctors and Para medical staff welcomed the DFW team and thanked for their efforts.

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