Covid-19: Interment a Hassle for Muslims in Virus Striken New York

New York has proved to be the deadliest as Covid-19 situation worsens across United States of America. The drastic increase in the number of deaths and affected due to the virus has proved to be worrisome for locals and government, causing a complete shutdown all across the nation.


As a precautionary measure, Masjids have been shut with Muslims “prohibited” from attending the prayers. Furthermore, Muslims across New York face a hassle in carrying out obsequies of their loved ones.


Even though most of the memorial service are being carried out by welfare services, these organizations face a lack of volunteers and resources in order to complete the task.


Muslims are adamant to carry out the interment in graveyards. But in this situation, graveyards face lack of space causing delay of two days or more for the entombment to get completed.

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