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Covid-19: ICNA Relief Strives To Aid in Desperate Times

As the Novel Covid -19 set a tone in United States of America, citizens are barred to leave their house holds hence causing a state of self-isolation. In these circumstances, ICNA Relief has stepped out in their surge for social work, initiating a service to deliver food supplies to various homes of the society.

The global pandemic, Novel Covid-19 proved lethal in the United States, taking 348 lives in total with over 26 thousand affected. Empty roads and ceased businesses are displaying apocalyptic scenery with citizens agitated within their homes. In these desperate situations, people face significant difficulty in obtaining food and other nutrients.

In time of desperation, ICNA Relief, the largest Muslim organization in the United States, stretched their efforts to help the people in need. Citizens from different parts of New York are calling in to the offices of ICNA Relief to acquire aid and other essential supplies by relaying in their address and other useful information.

ICNA Relief volunteers stated that they are providing food to the homes of those in need, during these difficult times without distinction of color, race, ethnicity and religion. They agreed on the take out behind the social work to be “Spiritual Happiness”.

However the states of America escape a total lock down due to the Viral Covid-19, there is a sense of agitation and worry among the locals, with hopes that the pandemic and the hassle that come along do not stay for long.



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