Coronavirus in Pakistan: Increasing Number of Patients Leaves Medical Sector ‘concerned’

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) is very much concerned over the increasing number of COVID-19 patients and over the increasing number of deaths due to coronavirus. We are also concerned over the increasing burden on healthcare workers and at the corona designated hospitals.

PMA has been continuously issuing Health Alerts and suggestions for government and preventive measures for public since 22nd January 2020. At that time the number of deaths in China was just 06 and corona positive patients were 300, the pandemic was then in initial stages.

Unfortunately nobody paid attention to our concerns, they did not listen what doctors were saying. Now the result of this negligence is obvious till now more than 120,000 patients have been found+ve and 2,356 patients have died due to coronavirus. (According to official figures).

PMA and its sister organization like PIMA, YDA, GHA, The Medical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Chest Society, ENT Society and other renowned medical experts through joint press conferences suggested the government to take the required steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, because its spread will be havoc for doctors and paramedics, they will suffer the most. Again nobody cared for the lives of frontline soldiers. Now hundreds of doctors have been infected who are in isolation. Till now 38 doctors and 03 paramedics have died due to COVID-19. The situation is worsening day by day.

We have attached the list of doctors and paramedics who died of coronavirus for your information and for the authorities concerned to pay support money to the aggrieved families through shuhda package.

We request, if name of any deceased doctor or paramedic is missing in our list you can provide us his/her name on the following Telephone Numbers from 1.00pm to 6.00pm daily; contact No.0303-2339179, 02132251159, 02132254632.

Even now when the situation due to COVID-19 is worsening day by day about 50% people do not follow the preventive measures, they even do not believe the presence of any such virus.

PMA again request the government and the general public to take strict preventive measures. According to the recommendations of WHO and by accepting advice of doctors of Pakistan, it is the responsibility of the government to save the lives of the people from coronavirus .

We also request the public to take covid-19 seriously. It’s a fatal disease which is rapidly increasing in Pakistan. Take extra care of yourself and your family. There is shortage of beds at wards, HDUs and ICUs all over Pakistan.

PMA believes that now our slogan should be “Protect yourself and Fight against Coronavirus”.

Always wear mask (Mask is mandatory).

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