Chinese County Bans Muslim Students from Mosques

BEIJING: A Muslim-majority county in China has banned schoolchildren from going to mosques during winter vacations.

A Chinese daily Global Times reported that the Guanghe county in China’s Gansu province has tightened regulations on religious freedoms.

The decision was outlined in a notice sent to all high school, the newspaper reported.

“Schools should require students to not enter religious venues for activities, nor attend scripture schools or religious venues for reading scripture during the winter holiday,” the notice read.

“Schools of all levels and kinds should further strengthen ideological and political work and enhance publicity work in order to inform each student and parent,” it continued.

The Global Times said it had confirmed the notice from the local publicity department of the county.

The daily, however, did not mention why these limitations were being enforced during the holidays.

Guanghe is situated within the Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture.

States from the county government’s website suggest that about 98 percent of Guanghe’s residents are ethnic minorities, many from the Muslim Hui and Dongxiang groups.


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