Ceaseless Blaze Has Australia In “Catastrophic” Condition

Fires surrounding Sydney intensified as the heatwave worsens in different parts of Australia on Saturday. Environmentalists have indicated the conditions to be “catastrophic” in major parts of the city.

Eastern coast of Australia has been hit by a record-breaking heatwave, which has moved its ways from the west of the country, worsening hundreds of devastating fires in its route.

Sydney has been wearing a cloak of smog and toxic smoke as blazes flared to its north, south and west, some just 130 kilometres from Australia’s largest city.

Australia’s atmospheric condition worsening every day, has rung some serious alarming bells for global warming. The country endures forest fires every year but this season has been intense in terms of the duration and covered area.

Escalating temperatures in the country’s most populous states is agonizing the public with the temperatures expected to peak at 47 degrees Celsius.

In the state of South Australia, which in the past few days has borne the brunt of the heat wave, more than 1,500 firefighters have been battling fires that ripped through more than 40,000 hectares.

Two people died in fires there over the past two days, and dozens of firefighters have been treated for injuries and smoke inhalation.

The fatal blaze has torched at least 7.4 million acres of land in recent months, killing at least 10 people with over 800 homes destroyed.

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