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Captain Adeel Rana has been appointed the first Muslim Commanding officer

Pakistani Community express bliss on the new post.

Captain Adeel Rana has been appointed as the first Muslim Commanding Officer in the New York Police. There is a wave of cheerfulness in the Pakistani community over this appointment.

Capt. Adeel Rana has been appointed commanding officer by police officers in Brooklyn Precinct 84. Following the notification, Ashiana Adult Day Care hosted an event on Brooklyn Coney Island Avenue in New York. In which a cake was cut by the Pakistani community. On this occasion, Karim Wattoo, owner of Ashiana Adult Day Care, expressed his cheerfulness and best wishes for Adeel Rana.

On the occasion Karim Watoo, Aslam Dhalan, Khursheed Bhuli,Rao Shokat, Raja Azad Gul, Brooklyn South Police chief Charles Shaaz, Police captain Waheed Akhter, Police lieutenant  Zaigham Abass, Police detective Rohail Khalid including many police officers. Business and social figures from the Pakistani community attended the event. Police Lieutenant Zaigham Abbas, who was present on the occasion, appreciated Adeel Rana’s services to Pakistani society and said that he is a role model for all of us.

At the end of the ceremony, Adeel Rana thanked all the participants and said that his carrier growth is the development of the Pakistani community.

Adeel Rana is the president of the New York Police Muslim Society and has done much for the Muslim community.

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