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Brooklyn Emerge free Halal meals at Quba Mosque on Foster Avenue

Brooklyn, New York

Land mark humanitarian effort notices at Foster Avenue, Brooklyn area. Free hot halal meals dispenses at the Quba Mosque on Foster Avenue. Halal Meals will distribute by Brooklyn Emerge to the worst Pandemic affected area on every Saturday and Sunday

Brooklyn Emerge, Peoples lined up for school bags and Halal Food.

The Brooklyn area of ​​New York is extensively affected by the corona virus, resultant many unable to go to work. Brooklyn Emerge unlocks food cart to distribute hot halal food for the needy.

Earlier, the Brooklyn Emerge halal food cart distributes free halal hot meals for the past seven months to Pandemic affected people of Coney Island Avenue.

Brooklyn Emerge Halal Hot meal distribution by Council general Ayesha Ali

The food distribution event began with a recitation of the Quran and was inaugurated by Consul General Ayesha Ali.

Quran Recitation at Brooklyn emerge halal food distribution activity at Quba mosque Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

While addressing the event, Ayesha Ali said that the Pakistani community serves humanity in this pandemic is admirable.

Council General Ayesha Ali Addressing the Brooklyn Emerge Halal hot meal at Quba mosque

Zakaria Khan said that, if we Muslims living in the United States as our own country and initiates the process of distribution among the needy here, then this course will increase our honor more than before.

Brooklyn Emerge team with council general Ayesha Ali at Foster Avenue, Quba Mosque.

On the occasion, the halal food cart distributes free halal food to the pandemic affected area every weekend. Shabbir Sahibzada, Dr. Jamshed, Nisar Khan, Haris Khan and others were also present in the inauguration ceremony while free school bags were also distributes among the children.

Brooklyn Emerge, school bag distributions.

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