British students won James Dyson award


This year James Dyson awards goes to a group of master’s students from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art who invent a device Tyre collectives.

Siobhan Anderson, Hanson Cheng, M Deepak Mallya, and Hugo Richardson graduates of the Innovation Design Engineering MA/MSc programme jointly run by the two colleges said they share a passion for the environment and using design to make a meaningful impact on society.

Siobhan Anderson, Hanson Cheng, M Deepak Mallya, and Hugo Richardson

According to environmentalist every year 200,000 tons of tyres micro plastic pollution emissions. Half a million tons of which is produced in Europe every year.

According to Britons Transport department, emergence of micro plastic pollution from tyres creates a hazardous and polluted the air.

One of the graduated student in a group Hugo Richardson said people thought that only smokes from hose pipe of the car polluted the fresh air but people realize that tyres wear micro particle emission is also the cause of air pollution.

The Tyre collectives device installed near the tyres and collect 60 percent of micro tyre wear waste on road according to a group of students.

Tyre wear waste

After several tests of the device now Group are prepare the device for registration and launch the device to market for sale.

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