Boris Johnson becomes new UK prime minister

Boris Johnson on Tuesday was elected leader of Britain’s governing Conservative Party and the country’s next prime minister. Johnson garnered 92,153 votes and his rival Jeremy Hunt 46,656 in voting.

The new Conservative leader will take office on Wednesday afternoon following an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

After entering Downing Street, he is expected to announce a clutch of senior cabinet posts, including chancellor of the exchequer and home secretary. Further, he is also expected to increase the number of women in full cabinet positions and boost the representation of ethnic minorities.

MrJohnson, After his victory, said his priorities were to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The newly elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a Muslim ancestral history and his great-grandfather held key positions in Ottoman Empire. Ali Kamal, a journalist and liberal politician of the Ottoman Empire who worked in the region that is now Turkey.

Johnson and his rival, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, spent the last month crisscrossing the country seeking to win over the less than 200,000 Conservative Party members who chose Britain’s new leader.

The revelation raised many questions as Mr Johnson has often come under criticism — particularly on the issue of Islamophobia — with previous comments comparing Muslim women in burqas to “letterboxes”.


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