Bangladesh flood-death toll climbs to 104

The death toll from monsoon storms in Bangladesh rose above 100 on Friday with flood levels still rising in many parts of the country, officials said.

About 20 people have died in 48 hours, taking the toll to 104, making it one of the worst monsoons in years. According to officials most victims have drowned, but some have been killed by landslides, snake bites and lightning strikes.

Five girls drowned when their boat capsized in a flood torrent in the northern district of Jamalpur on Thursday, district administrator Ahmed Kabir said.

The Brahmaputra river, which flows out of the Himalayas, has risen dramatically since July 10, leaving 1.2 million people in Jamalpur without homes or affected by the floods.

The river last week was at its highest level since authorities started keeping records in 1975.

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