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Athar Tirmizi appointed as National Director of Pakistanis for Biden National Council.

The Democratic Party’s Presidential campaign has formally set up an organization called the Pakistanis for Biden National Council. The council would support Biden and play his vital role to make him success in US presidential election, held in November.

Dr Ijaz Ahmed of APPAC

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign Requested to Chairman Dr. Ijaz Ahmed of American-Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) an important and representative body of the Pakistani American community, to nominate the National Director of Pakistanis for Biden Council.

After Consultation Chairman Dr. Ijaz Ahmed nominated APPAC executive Director Athar Tirmizi as national director of Pakistanis for Biden Council and Biden’s election campaign has formally notified the appointment of Athar Tirmizi.

Texas-based Ayesha has been appointed Communications Director of the Pakistanis for Biden Council, Imtiaz Rahi as National Outreach Director and Muhammad Hayat has been appointed National Strategy Director

Pakistanis for Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate in the November 3 presidential election across the United States, especially in states where there is a tough contest. In which Pakistani and immigrant communities will play there part and vital role for more and more Joe Biden’s success and in his favor.

Athar Tirmizi said “his nomination is an honor, I will do my level best to full fill this trust”.

Pakistanis for Biden Council is a platform through which the entire community should come together and play their collective role in the November 3 presidential election, He appealed.

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