Arctic Polar Blast will Spark Freeze Across Europe

Europe is bracing itself for a polar blast that will see temperatures fall by up to 20C within 24 hours and even spark a “very significant” snowfall this week.

A huge Arctic freeze will blanket Europe this week – that will see temperatures fall by up to 20C within 24 hours in some regions.

A “very significant” polar blast will unleash freezing conditions across Europe, with many areas seeing temperature plummet below zero. There is also expected to be considerable snowfall in the Alps and severe thunderstorms sweeping over the Mediterranean.

According to WXCHARTS, severe thunderstorms and excessive rainfall is likely across parts of the northern Mediterranean.

The Arctic weather blast will start with a push across the Baltic region early on Monday.

This will move from the north into central Europe, as the polar airmass encompasses parts of Scandinavia, the British Isles and Ireland by late on Monday

The freezing air will push further into central Europe by Thursday and into eastern and southeastern Europe late in the week.

It is also predicted that regions across central Europe such as Romania and Hungary could see temperatures plunge by up to 20C within 24hours.

The huge drop in temperatures is tied to the Saharan heatwave from northern Africa that has been covering parts of Europe.

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