‘Arctic heatwave’ hits world’s northernmost settlement

Temperatures hit a record 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit(21 degree Celsius)  in Alert, the northernmost permanently inhabited spot on the planet. This area is less than 600 miles from the North Pole, according to the Canadian meteorology service.

“It’s quite phenomenal as a statistic, it’s just one example among hundreds and hundreds of other records established by global warming,” Armel Castellan, a meteorologist at the Canadian environment ministry said.

Furthermore, Canadian government forecast models “are showing that that is going to continue through July and then into August and early September”, he said.

The average daily temperature in Alert remains 3 degree of Celsius to 6 degree Celsius.

The current heatwave is due to a high pressure front over Greenland, which is “quite exceptional” and feeds southerly winds on the Arctic Ocean. The Arctic is heating up three times faster than other parts of the planet.

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