New Visa Policy Won’t Compromise National Security: Pakistan

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal says Pakistan welcomes tourists and businessmen but there will be no compromise on national security.

He was talking to media at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) after attending an event there.

The Minister explained ‘On Arrival Visa Policy’ was not launched all of a sudden. “We received approval from 24 countries in 2013. Under this new policy tourist and businessmen would get easy access to Pakistan,” he added.

Iqbal said:”we will not be compromising on our national security but nor would we block access to Pakistan for the tourists and businessmen.”

He warned against projecting Pakistan as a controversial place to the global economy.

Speaking about election 2018, he said he is not eying the CM Punjab slot after the polls. “Nawaz Sharif continues to be my leader,” he added.

He added PML-N behind Nawaz Sharif’s decision to nominate Shehbaz Sharif as the party candidate for Prime Ministership.

He said any attempt to sabotage current government would be unconstitutional. “Those who want care-taker set-up for more than the constitutionally-stipulated period are creating a controversy,” he said.  But the people of Pakistan would not allow this to happen, he added.

He assured that Senate and general elections will be held as per schedule. The elections cannot be held before July 2018 because updating voters lists and delimitation of constituencies will take time to complete.


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