Huge Blast in Kabul Kills Nearly 100

KABUL: A massive blast in Afghanistan capital Kabul killed 95 people and injured over 158 people, health ministry spokesman Wahid Majroh said.

Officials say the bomb was hidden in an ambulance and went off near foreign embassies and government offices in Kabul.

The streets were full of people at the time of blast as Saturday is a working day in Afghanistan.

Medics fear casualties may go up as several people are in critical condition.

Reuters reported that the medical teams have struggled to handle the casualties pouring in, some of the wounded were laid out in the open, with intravenous drips set up next to them in hospital gardens.

“It’s a massacre,” said Dejan Panic, coordinator in Afghanistan for the Italian aid group Emergency, which runs a nearby trauma hospital that treated dozens of wounded.

Afghan Taliban have claimed responsibility for the deadly attack. This is the second such attack in this week in Kabul.

Taliban had earlier targeted Intercontinental Hotel in the capital that killed over 20 people, mostly foreigners.

A few days ago, the Islamic State (IS, also known Daesh) killed at least three people at the office of Save The Children in  Jalalabad.


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