44 bodies found in a Well of Mexico

At least 44 bodies hidden in black bags were found buried in a well in Mexico’s Jalisco state, authorities said, adding that they managed to identify all the victims.

Forensic scientists discovered just outside the city of Guadalajara, the human remains were hidden in 119 black bags.

The vast majority of the bodies were cut up, so authorities had to piece together different parts in order to identify them.   But  many body parts still remain unidentified.

A local organisation which searches for missing people has appealed to the government to send more specialists to assist with identification.

They say the local forensic department is overwhelmed and does not have the necessary skills to complete the operation.

The remains were discovered earlier in September when local residents started complaining about the smell.

Jalisco is the heartland of one of Mexico’s most violent drug gangs and this is the second major find of bodies in the state this year

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