US puts Taliban with ‘Pakistan Links’ on Terror List

ISLAMABAD: The United States has placed six individuals allegedly supporting Afghan Taliban and Haqqanis on its Terrorist Black List.

This includes Abdul Samad Sani, the former central bank governor during Taliban government in Afghanistan on Thursday evening.

Four, including Sani, Abdul Qadeer Basir, Hafiz Mohammed Popalzai, and Maulawi Inayatullah were designated for acting on behalf of the Taliban. While Faqir Muhammad and Gula Khan Hamidi were sanctioned for supporting the Haqqani Network.

The US Treasury Department stated they are accused of being “part of Taliban leadership councils in Pakistan who provided financing and weapons for militants involved in attacks on US-led coalition forces.”

The press release further stated that the “Pakistani government must work with us to deny the Taliban and the Haqqani Network sanctuary and to aggressively target their terrorist fundraising.”

Senior Treasury Department official, Sigal Mandelker stated the sanctions are in line with President Donald Trump’s strategy in South Asia. He added that these sanctions will cut financial aid to Afghan Taliban and expose those who support them.

Those blacklisted are forbidden to hold US property, and people in the US are prohibited from dealing with them.

Trump’s policy, unveiled in August last year claimed to turn around the 17-year war in Afghanistan.

The policy included an increase in the US military’s support to Afghan forces and extended pressure on neighbouring Pakistan to cooperate.


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