US Supreme Court approves Trump’s anti-asylum rules

The US Supreme Court has given the go-ahead to Trump administration plans that severely limit the ability of migrants to claim asylum.

Under the rule, people arriving via a third country must claim asylum there first before arriving at the US border.

The rules would prevent Central American immigrants who traveled to the southern U.S border through Mexico,

Many of those arriving are fleeing violence or poverty and travel north through Mexico until they reach the US border.  The rule change means,  upon arrival, they must pass a “credible fear” interview to seek asylum in the US.

Shortly after the ruling, U.S. President Donald Trump praised judges for backing his efforts to cut the number of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and other countries in Latin America.

Curbing migration levels has been a key goal of Donald Trump’s presidency and forms a major part of his bid for re-election in 2020.

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