Burkina Faso: 29 killed, 10 injured in three attacks

At least 29 people were killed and 10 wounded in triple terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso, the government said Sunday.

Government Spokesman and Communications Minister Remis Fulgance Dandjinou said in a written statement that terrorists attacked a convoy carrying humanitarian supplies in the Dablo Kelbo area killing 14 civilians.

In a second statement shortly after the attack,  15 people had lost their lives and six people were wounded when a transport truck hit a mine at Barsalogho Guendbila in Sanmatenga, according to  the officials.

Security sources, on the other hand, said four people were injured after an attack organized by terrorists in the Banh district of Yatenga city.

The army organized operations in the areas where the attacks were carried out and demanded local people to cooperate with the soldiers.

The state of emergency continues in seven of the 13 regions of the country.

More than 500 people have been killed in the attacks organized by terrorist organizations in Burkina Faso in the last four years.

The attacks, which previously intensified in the north of the country, gradually shifted to the eastern regions of the border of Togo and Benin.

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