Brazil rejects G7’s $22m aid for Amazon Fires

The Brazilian government has said it will reject an offer of aid from G7 countries to help tackle fires in the Amazon rainforest.

French President Emmanuel Macron – who hosted a G7 summit that ended on Monday – said $22m (£18m) would be released.

Brazil did not immediately provide a reason for refusing the money, but its president  Jair Bolsonaro has previously accused France of treating Brazil like a colony.

His defence minister said the fires in the Amazon were not out of control. Mr Bolsonaro’s chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni said  “Macron cannot even avoid a foreseeable fire in a church that is a world heritage site. What does he intend to teach our country?” he said.

The minister, Fernando Azevedo e Silva, said 44,000 soldiers had been deployed to combat the fires and environmental crimes in the Amazon.

Brazil’s environment minister had initially welcomed the offer of funds from the G7, as well as a separate £10m pledge from the UK and £9m from Canada .

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