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Iraq condemns attacks on Hashd al-Shaabi

Attacks on paramilitary forces violate country’s sovereignty, says government

Iraq on Tuesday denounced airstrikes on Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary forces in the town of al-Qaim close to the border with Syria.

Salih met with Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi and parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi on Monday to discuss the recent attacks. The country’s administration condemned the attacks and said they violated the country’s sovereignty.

“Iraq, through the government and all the active channels and international and regional organisations, will take all the necessary measures to deter the aggressors and defend Iraq and its security and sovereignty over its territories,” said Iraqi President Barham Salih,

Baghdad underlined that it did not want the country to become a conflict zone or be targeted by neighboring countries and said Hashd al-Shaabi forces were part of the country’s armed forces.

While, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  accused Iran of producing “terror attacks” and said Israel would defend itself “by any means necessary”.

It comes after reports of strikes against Iranian targets and Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Since Saturday, a series of attacks have targeted Iranian-backed militias in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, stoking fears of a regional escalation.

Multiple ammunition depots of Hashd al-Shaabi units were targeted between July 19 and Aug. 25. The Shia paramilitary group accused Israel of carrying out the attacks.

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