Jon Snow and Robb Stark of GoT are reuniting for a Marvel Movie

Disney’s D23 expo made the reveal that Kit Harington is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will be joining the ever growing cast of The Eternals  which already includes big names like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and someone very close to Kit.

Former  Game of Thrones  actor Richard Madden had already been revealed to be in the film and Robb Stark fans have been excited ever since. The North remembers y’all…

Richard Madden will star as as Ikaris, an Eternal who named himself after his son Icarus – yes, from the Greek mythology.

Harington will star as Dane Whitman, the third Black Knight. He will be one of the few non-Eternal characters in the film.

The Eternals  will release in 2020.

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