Indian CRPF Assistant Commandant Commits Suicide in Kashmir

A senior Indian police officer posted in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) has committed suicide.

M  Arvind, 33-year-old assistant commandant of the CRPF of 40 battalion (44 batch DAGO), committed suicide by shooting himself with his personal weapon at his residence in Sadar area of Anantnag, officials said.

Some Indian media reports suggested that the officer took his life due to poor living conditions, however, the CPRF refuted the reports.

According to the reports,  the officer joined CRPF in 2014 as a direct-entry officer. He joined his unit deployed in occupied Kashmir after August 14.

“The officer hailed from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and his body is being sent to his hometown,” the official said. “An inquiry into the alleged suicide incident has been ordered.”

There have been cases in the past in which Indian security personnel posted in the disputed valley have complained about sub-standard food and living conditions. Such personnel have been heavily punished for posting such content on social media as it showed low morale of Indian troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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