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Sri Lankan Politician Ruwanthi Backs President on Liquor Ban

COLOMBO: Actress-turned-politician Ruwanthi Mangala praised Sri Lankan President’s directive to re-impose the ban on women buying alcohol. Mangala is a candidate for Sri Lanka Podujana Party (SLPP) from Kaduwela area of Sri Lankan capital.

She made these remarks during an interview with UK-based newspaper Daily Mirror on Monday.

“There were things women should do and there were things women should not do. Buying and selling liquor is the worst among them,” she said.

Mangala is of the opinion that Sri Lankan families are suffering because of men’s addiction to alcohol. She also pointed out that women should not be encouraged to consume alcohol.

Ruwanthi highlighted that women who work in liquor bars mostly end up being victims of sexual harassment. Women are highly prone to be misled to the wrong path, she added.

“Banning women from buying alcohol and being employed in bars is a prudent decision by the President. I know there are many so-called women’s organizations that are speaking against the ban saying it is discriminatory and violated the fundamental rights of women,” she said.

President Maithripala Sirisena last week had announced to re-impose the ban on liquor buying and their employment in bars.

The decision has also drawn criticism from the pro-alcohol community on Twitter.


Statistics from 2014 suggest that majority of woman in the country do not drink, respecting the tradition.  The data shows 80.5% of women chose not to drink at all compared to 56.9% of men.

Even Sri Lankan men face a ban on public consumption of alcohol and liquor sold at stores is concealed with paper bags for the buyer.


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