Pakistan: Zainab’s Murderer Arrested – Sources

LAHORE: Punjab Police have reportedly arrested the killer of seven-year-old Zainab from Pakpatan on Tuesday. 

According to local media reports, suspect Imran lives on Kasur’s Court Road near Zainab’s house. Police detained him on suspicion among 70 others. He was, however, released after the initial investigation. His DNA was not taken after victim’s family said he was a relative and not suspectable.

Geo News reported quoting its sources privy to police that escaping the initial probe, the suspect fleed to Pakpatan. The culprit remained out of the scene for a couple of days before being nabbed again.

Reports say that the accused has confessed his crimes and his DNA also matched with the sample collected from Zainab’s sexually abused body.


Ahmed Raza Kasuri’s Claim

Senior politician and Barrister Ahmed Raza Qusoori earlier claimed that police has arrested the offender, quoting Chief Justice Saqib Nisar. However, the SC sources had denied the report.


What has happened?

Zainab was kidnapped on January 5 while going to her tuition centre near her home. Her body was found after four days from a garbage pile near Kashmir Chowk.

It is to be mentioned here that during the first six months of 2017, there were 768 incidents of child sexual abuse in Pakistan, out of these 68 were reported in Kasur.


72hrs to Police to Arrest Zainab’s Killer

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar gave Punjab police another 72 hours to arrest the culprit involved in rape and murder of 7-year old Zainab in Kasur.

A three-member bench of the apex court headed by the CJP heard a suo-motu case over the gruesome rape and murder of Zainab after being abducted by unknown accused.

During the course of the hearing, the top adjudicator expressed dissatisfaction over the investigation of the case by Punjab police.

Parents of the victim also appeared before the court during the hearing.

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) head Muhammad Idrees presented a report on progress in the investigation of the case. He informed the court that this was the 8th incident since June 2015 in the area.

He further informed the bench that DNA samples of more than 800 suspects have been taken.

The Chief Justice asked the JIT chief to investigate the case from different aspects. The CJP observed that the police is only focusing on DNA sample matching.


Police Briefs Senate Standing Committee on Interior

A meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Interior was held here which was briefed over the case of 7-year old Zainab on Monday.

The meeting of the committee held here with former Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik in the chair. A Deputy Inspector General of Punjab Police Abu Bakr Khuda Baksh of Punjab Police told the committee a single person was involved in the murder of six children.

Father of Zainab Muhammad Ameen also attended the meeting.


Zainab’s father’s briefing

Zainab’s farther Ameen told the committee that they had called Rescue 15 the night when he went missing. He further added that they tired their best to search her. Muhammad Amin informed the committee DNA samples of his family were also taken for the test.

Zainab’s father also complained about the behaviour of the police. He added that they wanted the culprit involved in Zainab murder be punished in front of them.


DIG Abu Bakr Khuda Baksh’s briefing

DIG Abu Bakar Khuda Baksh told the committee that the body was found by a police constable Sabir Hussain. As many as 11 such incidents have been reported since 2015 in the area. He added DNA test of 697 people were conducted since October 2017.

The police officer said that till now 692 people had been investigated.

A 7-year-old girl Zainab was kidnapped, kidnapped and killed in Kasur. Her body was recovered later from piles of garbage in the area. The gruesome murder shook the nation and protests were held across the country. Chief Justice of Pakistan also took sun not notice of the rape and murder.


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