Pakistan Introduces Amber Alert System for Children

LAHORE: Government of Punjab, Pakistan announced the implementation of a US-based security system, “Amber Alert System” to prevent abduction and abusive incidents.

Initially, this alert system will be implemented in Lahore and Kasur.

This alert system will automate the notification process for Rescue 15. An automated alert will be released through Short Message Sent (SMS) and other sources after Rescue 15 receives the initial report.

This application would be geo-location activated and the location of the abducted child will be shared with lawmakers and others.

Spokesperson of Child Protection Welfare and Bureau (CPWB) stated that this application will help all related organizations to take action immediately. The recovery time will be ensured because the first few hours after the abduction are very important.

Initially, the CPWB will control the alert system and services of Safe City Authority will also be availed on the Amber Alert System.

After the rise in the child abuse incidents across the Punjab and Kasur incident, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif made a sub-committee of 4 members chaired by Saba Sadiq, Chairperson Child Protection Welfare and Bureau (CPWB).

The Committee will submit its initial report to the Chief Minister on January 24.

Some citizens believe that this system will not be efficient, such systems have already been created in past, and other citizens have called it a good step and hope for its success and good results.

What is Amber Alert System?

In 1996, it was introduced in America for the first time.

Named after an American Child Amber Hagerman who was murdered after abduction in Texas.

Location of the incident is shared through the app.

The news is disseminated through social media, mobile messages and other sources.

This system helps inform entire community and law enforcement departments instantly.

It helps law enforcers to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of the child.


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