Pakistan: CM Punjab Shehbaz Appears Before NAB Committee

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif appeared before the National Accountability Bureau Combine Investigative Team.

Director General NAB Lahore Saleem Shehzad ordered the formulation of the team.

HUM News sources informed that during the meeting CM Sharif was inquired about the Punjab Land Development Company. NAB also demanded copies of written agreements.

Sources informed that CM Sharif has assured that copies of all documented agreements will be given as demanded.


What has happened so far?

Additional Director NAB Khawar Ilyas issued a summon to CM Shahbaz Sharif.

NAB Lahore stated that CM approved illegal actions costing National Exchequer.

NAB Lahore stated that CM Punjab cancelled the rightful contract for Chauhdary Latif. He then gave the same contract to Lahore CASA causing a damage of 193 million.

Earlier today CM Punjab didn’t appear before the committee at the scheduled time, only to appear later.


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