India Violated Ceasefire Over 2000 Times in 3 Years: Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Indian soldiers have carried out ceasefire violation more than 2000 times, killing 178 people and injuring 363 during last three years.

Almost 184 villages on 740 kilometres long Line of Control (LoC) and 2900 kilometres long working boundary are constantly under the aggression of Indian forces.

In 2015, 39 Pakistani were martyred and 150 were injured.

In 2016, 52 citizens were martyred and 61 were reported injured by Indian firing.

In the year 2017, 87 people were martyred and 152 were injured seriously.

In 2018, more than 150 ceasefire violations have been recorded along the LoC and the working boundary in just 20 days, resulting in the martyrdom of nine innocent civilians, while 40 others got hurt.

Kundun Pur, Hariyal, Charo, Bajra Ghari, Mehar Ajkey, Raja Haryal, Umar Anwali, Anola and Cheddar villages located on LoC remain under relentless attack from Indian forces’ firing and shelling.

During this time, 200 km border belt, linking Kangra Mor Sector with Sialkot and Sachet Garh sector is practically a depiction of the war zone.


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