Pakistan defeated Israel in Homeless Football World Cup Match- Wales

Pakistan defeated their Israeli opponents by 5 goals. This interaction was witnessed in Cardiff, Wales where the homeless football match had taken place.

Each match played for the duration of 14 minutes in this tournament. Pakistani players were quick to get their heads above the water with 4 goals in the first half in contest with Israel’s 2 goals.

The second half was fortunate for the Israeli team as they did their third goal of the game. At this, it seemed both teams had come head to head for victory but soon after the Pakistani teams turned the tables in their favor with 5 additional goals and won.

The two sides were furiously attacking the goalposts but with the conclusion of the game, seeing the Pakistani players hold their counterparts in embrace it almost felt like they were kindred spirits.

This match was part of the homeless people world cup by virtue of which it’s not just a game but a way to induce positivity in the lives of it’s contestants who are in dire need of uplifting owing to their difficult circumstances.

Pakistan and Israel happen to be in group E. And 3 teams out if this category will be qualifying for the next round. Other teams included are France, Portugal, Hungary and north Ireland. Pakistan played it’s first game against Israel.

In this 17th homeless world cup, about 500 players from 50 countries are participating. The tournament which took off on Saturday, 27th July will go on for 7 days.

The tournament is inclusive of homeless people from developed and privileged countries like Germany and people from third world countries like India and Pakistan alike.


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