Padmavat Causes Padman Release Delay Until 9th Feb

DELHI: The screening of Padman movie has been postponed until 9th February because of the clash with the controversial movie Padmavat.

The two big Hindi movies Padmavat and Padman were set to release on January 25 this year, but now they’ll be in cinemas on two different days.

Film Padmavat will, however, be released now on the same date decided previously.

According to the reports, director Padmavat, Sanjay Lela Bhansali met famous Indian film actor Akshay Kumar, where the two discussed the expected loss that would have occurred on the box office business if both the films had released on the same date.

Directors of both movies announced the release dates in a press conference where Sanjay said he would always be grateful to Akshay Kumar for this favour as it was his own movie Padman’s date but he did not even take minutes and promptly postponed the release date till the next month.

It is believed that Padmavat’s fans are anxiously waiting for the movie because it was slated to be presented in cinemas on December 1, last year, but due to the protest against the film, the movie had to face hurdles in releasing.

The film was initially named ‘Padmavati’, is the story of the queen Padmini of Chittorgarh. Because of her beauty, the king Allaudin Khilji falls in love with her and in order to get her, attacks the Chittorgarh in which Padmini’s husband Raja Rawal Ratan Singh also dies.

On the other hand, the film Padman’s story revolves around the struggle of Arunachalam Marrognatham, an award winner social worker of city Coimbatore, of Tamil Nadu, who did efforts to make environment friendly sanitary pads for women despite limited resources and many problems in the area, and provided protection to save them from shamelessness.


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