Pakistan Asks US Aid for Afghan Refugees’ Return

GWADAR: Minister for Interior and Ahsan Iqbal has asked the United States for an economic package for the return of  Afghan refugees to their country.

He said three million Afghan refugees are waiting to go back, the US should provide a package for them and not indulge in the blame game.

Ahsan Iqbal was speaking to media in Gwadar on Friday.

The minister said Pakistan can only guarantee zero presence of terrorists on its soil when it did not have to look after foreign refugees who also had relationships across the border.

He said the US left Pakistan alone after the first Afghan war against the USSR and with over 3million refugees. He said the US should now share the responsibility with Pakistan ad

“US should now announce an economic package for the return of 3m Afghan refugees” to their homeland.

“In the presence of 3m Afghans living in the country, Pakistan cannot certify who among the Afghans are involved in terrorist activities. It’s time for the US to do more in partnership with other stakeholders, otherwise if we are engaged in blame game then terrorists will get the benefit,” Mr Iqbal said.

The minister said it was impossible to identify that which ones of millions of refugees were involved in terrorist activities.


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