No Support for Anti-Pakistan Campaigns – US

WASHINGTON The United States (US) has assured Islamabad that it will not back any anti-Pakistan campaign on its territory.

The US authorities had reiterated its position following a recent advertising campaign targeting Islamabad.

Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary said Saturday that the US State Department affirmed it would not allow anyone to use its soil against Pakistan.

“We took it up with the State Department and they assured us that they continue to support Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as strongly as they always have.”

Aizaz mentioned that the US Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells gave a similar assurance to Pakistani officials during a recent visit to Islamabad.

“US considers Pakistan’s enemy as its own enemy,” Aizaz quoted Alice’s statement.

Aizaz Chaudhary noted that ‘Free Karachi’ billboards and posters were seen in Washington and were removed after Pakistan took up the issue with the US officials.

Similar posters were also seen on taxis inNew York but only for a brief period, he added.


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