‘Perform Honestly or Go Home,’ Pak CJ Tells Judiciary

LAHORE: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar addressing a ceremony here today expressed that the judiciary should go home if they cannot perform honestly.

Remembering the quality of the judicial system, he stated that, Supreme Court is not complete without Justice Ejaz Afzal and Justice Saeed Asif Khosa.

Justice Saqib further stated that “we have to do justice with patience and integrity,” “we need education, honesty, strong judicial system.” He is of the view that the power of law and constitution will remain tantamount in the country.

CJP stated that court is an independent body. If we cannot perform our duties honestly then we should go home. He believes that “If one can’t provide justice with honesty, then they must switch their profession”.

He expressed that, unfortunately, people have so many problems but he is not hopeless. Instead of getting scared of challenges we should face them, he added.

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